Relocating From the UK to the US

Relocating From the UK to the US

Many Britons are relocating to the US every year in a bid to follow the American dream. To go back in history, these two nations have held strong ties for over 200 years and migration between them has taken root.

Why Move To the USA?

people moving to USResearch has proved that most Brits are actually migrating to the USA. In the US, you will experience diverse ways of living as well as many destination choices together with a favorable climate. Life in the US is affordable. There is a chance for everyone and you do not have to lower your living standards. It is a land of equal opportunities for every individual.

In fact, most places in the US actually a life quality similar to or higher than the one in the UK but at an affordable living cost. As a British expat moving to the US, you do not have much to compromise. The language remains the same while the lifestyle, entertainment, and business practices are familiar to the ones in the UK.

It is a huge advantage that America will actually offer you more than what you have back in the UK. Talk of big houses, nice cars, a good climate, larger spaces, and higher salaries.

The best part is that America is a six-hour flight away. In fact, every city in America has regular flights to the major airports in the UK. This means that you can always travel back to visit your family and friends.

Considering all the facts above, moving to the USA is quite tempting and irresistible. However, before relocating, you must first get a residential Visa, which is also known as a Green Card. All you have to do is visit the UK Visas & Immigration to get a U.S Visa.

How to Get a Green Card

One can acquire a Green Card in many ways but for UK citizens the most likely options are a family member or one’s job.

Green Card through Family

Obtaining a Green Card through FamilyThe American society promotes family ties by allowing US citizens to invite family members to live in the US permanently. If any of your immediate relative or family member is a US citizen, you can get a Green Card through them. Eligible family members and relatives include:

• Spouses

• Unmarried children under the age of 21

• Parents who are above 21 years old

• Brothers and sisters of over 21 years

You can also move to the US if you are related to someone who holds a Green Card.

Green Card through a Job

People with different occupationAnother way that a Briton expat can be granted a Green Card is through a job. This could be an offer for permanent employment in the US if you are an entrepreneur willing to invest in the US or through specialist jobs such as the armed forces.



USA Visa Requirements for Brits

• Visiting

Those eligible for the visitor’s visa are those that intend to study, work, or remain in the US indefinitely. It is valid for up to two years.

• Working

This visa is valid for three years and it is given to professionals with a US bachelor’s degree or an equivalent, and to those that have been offered a job in a US company.

• Students

You can be given a visa upon admission to a learning institute in the US. With this, you can even move along with your spouse and children.

• Volunteering

You can also obtain a visa by volunteering to work in the USA without pay.


Residency is as a simple as having a family member who is an American Citizen to sponsor you. The only requirement is for them to prove that they can support you to live 125% above the poverty line. The other alternative is sponsorship by your employer who must prove your value and contribution to the workforce.


You must first acquire residency in the US before becoming a citizen. Even then, you must undergo naturalization before actually obtaining citizenship.

Money Transfer from the UK to the USA

When it comes to money transfers, you have a number of options. You could choose to open an American bank account with branches in the UK to make the transfers. You could also use online money transfers such as Xendpay.

Adapting To the American Lifestyle

One major difference that you have to adapt to is the gun laws, which allows people to have guns, which is not the case in the UK. Another adjustment involves walking vs. driving. Britain is smaller and people walk certain distances. However, in the US most of the distances are covered by car.

As pertains to the dress code, no sate in the US has particular views on the dress code. This means that you will adapt and make do with what you have.

America is a land of many opportunities and relocating there from the UK is not complicated due to the strong ties that the two nations share. Simply visit the UK visas and immigration department to sort out your papers for relocation.